How Much is a Zekrom Pokemon Card Worth?

How Much is a Zekrom Pokemon Card Worth?

If you’re thinking about selling a Pokemon card, you might want to know how much a Zekrom is worth. This Pokémon can be worth a lot of money depending on its rarity and art. This article will provide you with information on how to value your Zekrom, including its rarity, art, and full print.

Is the Pokemon Card Zekrom Rare?

The Zekrom Holo Black & White Pokemon card was released in 2011. It features the Holographic Variation of the Lightning Pokemon. The card is numbered 47/114. It is not as rare as the Zekrom Heilig Pokemon card. Zekrom has a low value due to the abundant availability of subset cards and the painterly vibe of its artwork. In addition, it features the popular Trainer N. Generally, cards featuring Trainers are more popular than ones featuring female characters or waifu hunters.

How much is zekrom full art worth?

Zekrom full art can be highly collectible and can fetch a lot of money. A rare version of this card can fetch you up to $30,500. The price range of this rare varies depending on its rarity and availability. Listed below are the prices of rare cards in the Zekrom series:

What is zekrom 2022 worth?

The first Electric-type Legendary is Zekrom, which is priced at around $1. It is similar to Reshiram but bulkier. It falls 0.51 DPS behind Electivire but is 90 points higher than the next Electric-type Raikou. Zekrom is a great card for the right build, but it is not as good as its Electric-type counterpart.

Zekrom has two very solid move sets, Dragon Breath and Outrage, both of which are dragon-type attacks. His other moveset is Charge Beam/Wild Charge, which is excellent for electric-types. Zekrom also has a throwaway move, Flash Cannon, which makes it risky to switch between moves.

Whats the most expensive Pokemon card worth?

The value of a Pokemon card varies depending on the print run and type. A rare or shadowless print will be worth much more than a regular, unsealed copy. A rare card in mint condition can sell for thousands of dollars at auction. Some of the best cards have been worth over $20k. Pokemon is one of the most popular media franchises in the world, and collectors are increasingly interested in these cards.

In 2016, a graded Grade 10 1st Edition Charizard sold for over $226k, setting a new record for a fire Pokemon card. Another record was set two months later when a bidder at a PWCC auction dropped $350,000 on a rare 1999 Base Set collectible.

In the Pokemon game, Pikachu is the most popular character, so it’s no surprise that he is the most expensive. Pikachu Illustrator cards were created by artists who won three art competitions. The winner of these contests received Pikachu Illustrator cards, which were worth up to $600.

How much is Pikachu worth?

Zekrom is one of the first Electric-type Legendaries from the Pokémon trading card game. Like Reshiram, Zekrom is also a rare card, and is priced around $1. These cards are generally found in the XY and Y expansions, and some are worth more than others.

Its most valuable qualities are its rarity and short print run. Some cards are incredibly rare because they were only printed once and handed out in restricted events. Some cards are miscut, meaning that one or more pieces are missing. Other cards have multiple miscuts. The fossil symbol is also missing from many normal cards.

Another great way to determine the value of a card is to grade it. Some sites even have checkboxes for similar cards, making it easier to determine the value of your card. Some people prefer to keep their cards as keepsakes, hoping that the value will increase with time. However, if you are looking to sell, it is a good idea to consider getting it graded by a professional.

Is surfing Pikachu rare?

When looking for rare Pokemon cards, it’s important to know what to look for. These cards are usually in mint condition and have no damage from previous pulls. They are also usually sleeved immediately after being pulled. These cards can also be expensive. There are several ways to find out the value of a specific card, including looking at an online price guide.

Is zekrom a legendary Pokemon?

Zekrom is a dragon-type Pokémon, which is electric and has a drill-like tail. Its body is nearly black and its eyes are electric blue. Its body is topped with a crown that resembles a lightning bolt. It also has fan-shaped wings and three sharp claws.

Despite its frightening presence, Zekrom wants to help humans make the world a better place. It is one of the fastest Pokemon in the game and can soar through the air at record-setting speeds. However, unlike many other legendary Pokemon, it cannot float or do other magical moves.

Zekrom is a Dragon/Electric Pokemon that can be found in the wild. It has six different forms in Pokemon Vortex. It cannot breed with any other Legendary Pokemon. You can find Zekrom in the wild in Route 19.

How much does zekrom ex cost?

As you can see, Zekrom-EX is a great Pokémon, but it comes with its fair share of drawbacks. The biggest downside of Zekrom-EX is its low HP of 180. To make matters worse, most of the Pokemon in the current metagame must hit opponents with 90 or less damage per prize, so it is much easier for other Pokemon to out-damage Zekrom-EX.